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Invest In Wave One: A Commercial Property At The Business District Of Noida

Commercial Property in Noida

Commercial Property in Noida

One of the top real estate developers in Noida, Wave Infratech, has launched a stupendous commercial property named Wave One in the heart of Noida.  The project offers luxurious office spaces along with other facilities like retail shops, convention halls, restaurants, cafeterias and multiplexes, everything situated under a single roof.

In simple words, the Wave One in Noida is a masterpiece owing to its beautiful, innovative and Vaastu-friendly designs and architecture. The project offers a complete eco-friendly environment with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities and various measures for energy conservation.

The office spaces at the 41-storey Wave One, Noida, are situated from the 13th to the top floor with sizes starting from 550 sq.ft. onwards. The G+3 floors offer modern retail spaces, 4th and 5th floor offer multiplexes and 6th to 12th floor are meant for multi-level car parking. With all these facilities on offer, Wave One is currently one of the most sought after commercial properties in Noida.

The office spaces at Wave One are categorised into three different types namely, Silver Spaces, Gold Spaces and Platinum Spaces based on the availability of various facilities, amenities and interior designs.

The best thing about Wave One is its location which is Sector 18 of Noida. The Sector 18 is also referred to as the business district of Noida and is, therefore, one of the most happening places in NCR. There are numerous commercial complexes, branded showrooms and offices in proximity. The Sector 18 metro station is located very close to the project.

Wave One is also located in close proximity to the Noida-Greater Noida and the Yamuna Expressway which ensure excellent connectivity to all parts of NCR. The project is easily accessible from the DND Flyover, Radisson Blue Hotel, Max Hospital and South Delhi, which makes it an ideal choice for people staying in Delhi. Apart from this, well-planned infrastructural developments along with assured capital appreciation of properties in the location together make Wave One in Noida an ideal investment option.

The various facilities and amenities at Wave One include 24*7 power supply, centrally air-conditioned office spaces, eco-friendly and noise-free environment, ample parking space, recreation facilities and many other options.

These days, owing to the mixed-use and the assured returns policy, the commercial properties in Noida have become a lucrative investment option. One can even invest in the commercial properties just to diversify the portfolio and earn great returns on investments.

Noida offers a wide variety of options for both commercial and residential properties; no doubt, the former brings much higher returns compared to the later. The renowned Wave Infratech Group has launched three huge commercial properties in Noida namely, the Wave Business Tower, the wave One and the Wave Metro Mart.

The Wave Business Tower and the Wave One primarily offer luxurious office spaces while the Wave Metro Mart offers modern retail spaces to offer an upmarket shopping experience to the people of Delhi and NCR.

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Why Invest In A Commercial Property In Noida?

Commercial Projects in Noida

Commercial Projects in Noida

These days, buying a commercial property in Noida is considered a great investment option though the journey for the sector wasn’t that easy and it took quite a long time to revive sentiments in the commercial/residential real estate sector of Noida.

Ever since the realtors have adopted the assured return schemes, the real estate sector of Noida has starting witnessing increased interest among the developers and investors both. For a long time, the sector has suffered a gloomy phase due to the global recession which badly affected the sentiments of both investors and end-users. However, things are changing now with builders getting a chance to cope up with the liquidity crisis as financial organizations have agreed to reduce the interest rates.

Along with the developments in its residential sector, Noida is also witnessing an increased drive for development in the commercial sector. Top builders like Wave Infratech Group, Lotus Greens and J C World Hospitality Private Limited, have recently launched some of the most attractive commercial properties in the heart of Noida.

Demands for retail and offices in Noida are constantly on the rise, quite obviously, one of the biggest demand drivers is again the ever expanding IT sector of Noida. The upcoming commercial properties in Noida offer retail/office spaces, branded showrooms, food courts, family restaurants, multiplexes, convention halls, condominiums, business halls and serviced studio apartments.

The mixed-use policy based on which most of the upcoming commercial properties are developed greatly increases the chances of a huge capital appreciation in the next 2 to 5 years.

The next best thing about buying a commercial property in Noida is the location. The upcoming projects like the Wave One, J C World, Wave Business Tower, Wave Metro Mart and the Lotus Square are located at some of most sought after locations in Noida like the Sector 18, 32, 128, etc. The sectors are located very close to the Noida and Yamuna Expressways which ensure excellent connectivity along with access to all major facilities.

The Wave Business Tower is very close to Sector 32 metro station while the Wave One is very close to the Sector 18 metro station – that makes the projects easily accessible for those travelling by metro. Apart from this, the Wave Metro Mart and the Wave Business Tower are both a part of the upcoming township called the Wave City Center in Noida.

Any residential or Commercial Property in Noida located within the Wave City Center is considered an ideal investment option as it is, undoubtedly, a blend of ideal location and extreme luxury.

Noida being so closely located to Delhi always offers a great option real estate investment. Being so close to the capital city yet away from its pollution makes the properties in Noida extremely suitable for all. Although the residential properties in Noida are more frequently considered for an investment, one can however diversify his/her portfolio by also investing in a commercial property in Noida and get a higher return.

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Explore Wave Metro Mart In Noida For Buying A Modern Retail Shop

Wave Metro Mart in Noida

Wave Metro Mart in Noida

Wave Metro MartWith more and more people migrating to Noida, there is now an increased demand for commercial complexes so as to cater to the shopping, dining and entertainment needs of the people.

Of late, many builders in Noida have launched massive commercial projects most of which are based on the mixed-use policy with wide variety of facilities under a single roof for the convenience of people. One of the most popular upcoming commercial properties in Noida is the Wave Metro Mart.

Launched by the famous Wave Infratech Group, Wave Metro Mart is a huge G+2 storey building offering a wide variety of facilities like modern retail shops, branded showrooms, multiplexes, cafeterias, family restaurants and serviced studio apartments.

There are total 670 shops with sizes ranging from 352 sq.ft. to 750 sq.ft. The interiors of the shops are beautifully designed so as to offer the people of NCR a feel of up-market shopping. Everything is eco-friendly and energy efficient and there is ample open space within the building for easy movement of people.

Wave Metro Mart in Noida is located at Sector 32 as a part of the Wave City Center launched by the same builder. Wave City Center is an upcoming township project that offers both residential and commercial developments spread across Sectors 32 and 25A of Noida.

There is every single facility available within the Wave City Center and the projects that are a part of this township are currently witnessing huge demand among the buyers and investors.

The Sector 32 metro station is located very close to the Wave Metro Mart and also has a direct entry to the commercial complex for letting easy access to those who are traveling by metro. Apart from this, other facilities like schools, hospitals and entertainment zones are also close to the project.

The project offers numerous top-notch facilities and amenities such as kids’ play zone, air-conditioning, a banquet hall and an exhibition hall, 24& power and water supple, hypermarkets, anchor stores, a large atrium and multiple car-parking facilities.

With its advantageous location and key features, Wave Metro Mart stands as an ideal investment option in the heart of Noida. The project is smoothly connected to all parts of NCR and is very close to Delhi and Greater Noida. Proximity to the Noida Expressway is great plus point for the project that ensures huge capital appreciation in the near future.

There are many other commercial properties coming up in Noida but what sets apart the Wave Metro Mart is its launch as a part of the Wave City Center which is currently one of the most sought after locations for real estate investment in Noida. Like many other commercial properties, the Wave Metro Mart in Noida also comes with the 12% assured return policy for the investors.

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Some Golden Tips For Raising Venture Capital

Tips for Raising Capital

Tips for Raising Capital

Raising venture capital is not a cakewalk. Ask an entrepreneur who has raised capital and he/she will tell you how the whole fund raising campaign is filled with challenges.  Convincing a venture capitalist is not easy, so here are some valuable tips for raising capital. Basically, it is all about the right approach and attitude that will ultimately prove that your business is worth the fund that the VCs are looking to invest.

5 Tips For Raising Capital Decide What Exactly You Want

It means you have to understand your business first. Unless you know your requirements well, you will fumble while articulating your speech in front of the investors. And first impression is the last impression, so trust me, this might ruin everything. You cannot afford such blunders at this crucial stage so make sure you know what you want.

The most important deciding factor is the choice of the nature of business you are planning to run.  Do you want a high-impact business which is sizable and scalable and is aimed to make people rich such as social media sites or the giant tech companies or you just want a simple venture-backed business where you can be your own boss. Know your preference before your approach the investors.

Create And Nurture Your Own Management Team

Your team is your most valuable asset and you have to provide it with the best possible facilities so that it can emerge as a strong, intelligent, smart and engaging team in front of the investors. Investors are always more inclined towards an efficient and smart working team as it ensures that the business will be able to create its own space in this highly competitive market. You have to provide your team with everything it requires to emerge as a topper and the most important is a mentor/ an advisor.

It’s A Game And You Need To Win

Often, the whole journey of capital raising and facing failures makes the entrepreneurs feel hopeless and bored. Make sure you don’t do the same thing with yourself. Treat the whole thing as a game where you are left in the field to face challenges and expected to emerge as a winner at the end. The basic idea is to keep you motivated all the time. Failure is not the end of everything. If you have failed, do not lose hope. Instead, work on your deal and see how you can make it better and more appealing to the investors.

Know the Market And The Lingo

Knowing your market is a must. You must be aware of the market trends and competition.  Is the product or service you are offering in demand? Is it the best in the market? If yes, how? Who are your competitors? What strategy they are following? These are some of the vital points that will help you build a strong business strategy before you enter the market.

Also make sure you are aware of the various terminologies and concepts in venture capital investment such as a preferred stock or realistic business valuations, etc. Keeping in-pace with the trend helps an entrepreneur to easily appeal to the investors. You must also have a fair knowledge of finance and marketing as VCs usually give more preference to those entrepreneurs who have a clear idea of these two subjects.

Do A Research Before You Approach An Investor

There are certain things that you have to take care of while approaching a VC. Entrepreneurs often do the mistakes of calling the wrong investors, cold calling the investors or having the wrong attitude. Your way of approach is as critical as having a unique business idea. Never ever make a cold call to any investor; this is really disappointing. Simply sending a mail with a description of your business plan is of no use as it is quite an ineffective strategy compared to preparing yourself, making an appointment and then talking to the investors personally, face to face.

Recommendations works best so you must spread your network more to have at least one person in your circle who can recommend your name to a potential investor. Approaching the wrong investor is a total wastage of time, so that you must avoid that at any cost. Go through their websites carefully to know about their industry preference and stage preference before you approach them for fund raising,


These are some of the most crucial things that you have to take care of while raising venture capital. The first requirement, no doubt, is a unique business plan based on which you will plan to raise venture capital and then the above steps will come in to play to make sure that you successfully raise the capital for your venture. For more information or tips for capital raising, feel free to visit

Why Should You Invest In Residential Apartments In Noida Expressway?

A-View-Of-Greater-Noida-1Doing mistakes is a basic human nature but there are certain mistakes that can give you a very hard time. One such mistake is choosing a wrong location while investing in real estate. Yes, investing in a property is more about investing in the location of the property. If the location is not right, you will have a lot of difficulties like poor connectivity, unavailability of important facilities and, most importantly, a poor return on investment. While investing in a property, make sure you explore the location first and then explore the properties in that area.

These days, the Noida Expressway has emerged as a very ideal location for investment in residential apartments in Noida. Both developers and investors are increasingly targeting this region for the wide variety of advantages it offers.

The most important factor that determines the suitability of a location is its infrastructure. If infrastructure is not well-planned, no one can take the risk of investing in the area. Noida Expressway is on the hit list especially due to the well-planned social and physical infrastructure present in the area. The 23 km Expressway joining Noida and Greater Noida already has infrastructure developed towards the Noida end. Further development is in full swing and soon the whole stretch will have world-class infrastructure.

Government has allotted funds for infrastructure along the Noida Expressway which has given a huge boost to realty developments in the area. Top real estate developers have launched their residential and commercial projects at sectors along the expressway. There is also a proposed metro link between Noida Expressway and Delhi.

Next important aspect of a location is the connectivity where again Noida Expressway has proved its suitability. The Expressway itself is a boon for people commuting between Noida and Greater Noida . Further, the proximity to the DND Flyway, Yamuna Expressway and the proposed FNG Flyway also ensure great connectivity.

There is no dearth of apartment options in Noida Expressway. The region is suitable for both mid-income segment and high-end segment. There are many affordable options in Noida launched by a number of renowned builders. The affordability, however, is not at the cost of quality or luxury, so anyone investing in an affordable property can still enjoy a contemporary lifestyle. On the other hand, the apartments in the high-end segment are also an abode of luxury and typically ranges from 90 lacs to 1 crore and above.

The next very important aspect is the increasing job opportunities along the Noida expressway. Top MNCs like Infosys, HCL and others are investing hugely in plots in Noida so that they can head to the happening city of Noida. For those who are thinking that investing in Residential Apartments in Noida Expressway will ensure excellent connectivity to their offices in Delhi will probably find a totally different scenario in the next 2 to 3 years.

A time will come when no one will have to commute between Delhi and Noida for work and home. They will have their offices very near to their home in Noida Expressway. Increased job opportunities are quite obviously a demand driver for residential apartments in Noda Expressway, so those who are investing in the region can definitely expect to see huge capital appreciation of their properties.

Noida Expressway has huge potential in terms of investment. Over the years, the region has already witnessed significant appreciation and with all these upcoming facilities, there will be a remarkable appreciation in coming years.

In simple words, it is high time to invest in properties along the Noida Expressway. Some of the newly launched residential apartments in Noida Expressway are Jaypee Greens Pavilion Court Royale, Wave Irenia, Mahagun Meadows, Supertech Romano, Lotus Square, etc.

If you have any more queries about residential apartments in Noida or its extended areas like Noida Expressway, Greater Noida West or Greater Noida, feel free to get in touch with us at Renaissance realty Inc.

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Wave One in Noida It is Time to Fulfill Your Dream of Owning an Office Space

Commercial Office Space Noida

Commercial Office Space Noida

Wave One, Noida

Buying an office space is a dream of many. Some have already fulfilled it while some are still in search of a suitable office space at a proper location.

The city of Noida has currently many options for Commercial Office Spaces Noida mostly launched by renowned builders at some of the most prominent sectors. One of the most talked about projects is the Wave One located at Sector 18 in Noida.

Launched by the renowned Wave Infratech group, Wave One is a huge commercial property with ample facilities and amenities to ensure a world-class working environment. Being developed on the mixed-use policy, the project also offers modern retails spaces, convention halls, condominiums, food courts, cafeterias and multiplexes.


The best thing about the project is its location and its ambiance. Being located at Sector 18, also known as the business district of Noida, the project has easy access to all major facilities and is easily accessible from South Delhi. The Sector 18 metro station is at walking distance from the project thereby ensuring easy commuting for those staying in Delhi.

Well-developed infrastructure is the biggest plus point of the sector. Apart from the wide internal roads, the project is also very close to the Noida Expressway and Yamuna Expressway thus offering excellent connectivity. There are many other important residential and commercial developments in the proximity. The “The Great India Place” is also at a walking distance from the project.

Project Details

The project is spread over a built-up area of 2 million sq.ft. offering a 41 storey tower. The ground floor along with the first three floors offer retail spaces, 4th and 5th floor offer multiplexes , 6th to 12th floor are meant for parking facility and rest all the floors offer spacious office spaces.

The size of the office spaces starts from 550 sq.ft. onwards. The offices come in three different varieties – Silver, gold and Platinum. The price for the project is negotiable and the expected date of possession is 2016 to 2017.

Key Features

Wave One, Noida has every possible facility to ensure a peaceful and a self-sufficient working environment.  Starting from round-the-clock power supply to lush greenery, terraces, gardens, ample parking space, open surrounding, a large food court and an eco-friendly environment, everything is there in the property. Innovative designs, latest technology, great architecture, hi tech security, etc. are all part of the project.


Properties in Noida are always ideal for investment. The Sector 18 in Noida is one of the most sought after locations for real estate investments and offers an assured ROI on investment. For those who want to own an office space, the Wave One in Noida is definitely one of the best options. For best deals, one should always take the help of a property consultant and make it a fruitful investment.

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