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Demand Drivers For Commercial Property In Noida

Commercial Property in Noida

Commercial Property In Noida

A successful investment in real estate is all about right property, right location and right time. When these three things come together, there’s no looking back for an investor. These days, the whole stretch along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway is witnessing multitude of residential and commercial real estate developments. Now, there are good reasons why more and more investors are increasingly getting attracted towards the upcoming commercial properties in Noida. With large number of reputed developers getting actively involved in the sector, investing in a commercial property in Noida is getting increasingly popular. Here are some of the important factors that are driving the demand for a commercial property in Noida.

Demand Drivers For Commercial Property In Noida

Existing Infrastructure

The notable infrastructural development in Noida has already earned huge fame for the real estate sector of the IT hub. Starting from physical infrastructures like roads and expressways, there are highly-developed social infrastructures too such as reputed hospitals, medical centers, educational institutions, international schools and colleges, shopping complexes and entertainment zones. Basically, there is everything available within the city to make it self-sufficient.

The DND Flyway, Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and the Yamuna Expressway are infrastructural marvels that have significantly reduced the distance and travelling time between Noida and other NCR regions. Currently, the Noida Expressway, Greater Noida and Noida Expressway (Greater Noida West) are the best locations for investment in commercial property in Noida.

Upcoming Infrastructure

Witnessing the increasing demand for residential and commercial property in Noida, the Noida authority is actively planning to boost the infrastructural development further with an aim to make Noida a world-class city like those in foreign nations. Currently, the metro projects, aimed at connecting Noida and Greater Noida, are the major attraction. Once these projects are over, the property rates across the city will witness immediate appreciation.

Proximity To Delhi

Proximity to Delhi is again one of the biggest demand drivers for the commercial properties in Noida. The Noida Expressway that connects the twin cities of Noida and Greater Noida further extends to join the DND Flyway thus ensuring excellent connectivity right from Greater Noida to New Delhi. Apart from connectivity, the proximity to the various business centers of Delhi is also a great demand driver for a commercial property in Noida.

Rising Demand For Commercial Properties

Investment is successful only when there is demand for the property. Now, for a city like Noida which is not only one of the biggest IT hubs of India but also a very happening place in NCR, the demand for the commercial properties are bound to remain high. No matter whether it is a retail shop or an office space, there are very high chances for an investor to gain huge profits.

Capital Appreciation Potential

Owing to its locational advantages, property value appreciation in Noida is a very common thing. Over the last decade, properties in both the residential and commercial segment have witnessed gradual appreciation bringing good returns to investors. The upcoming commercial properties in Noida, although suitable for long-term investments, assure huge appreciation in the next 3 to 5 years.


The upcoming commercial properties in Noida are mostly based on the mixed-use policy offering a wide range of facilities and amenities. With premium office spaces, modern retails shops, condominiums, multiplexes, food courts and restaurants, convention halls and serviced studio apartments on offer, the properties are simply a heaven for businessmen, shopaholics and foodies.

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Why Is It Better To Buy A Commercial Property In Noida Than In Gurgaon?

Commercial Property in Noida

The most common dilemma among real estate investors is, “Whether to invest in Noida or Gurgaon”. Over the years, both the cities have been witnessing real estate developments quite simultaneously but at this stage, Noida seems to be in a much better position than Gurgaon in terms of offering great investment options. Buying a commercial property in Noida is undoubtedly a better option than doing so in Gurgaon.

The various aspects that together make an ideal commercial investment option have a much stronger presence in Noida as compared to Gurgaon. Let’s just take only 4 aspects: location, infrastructure, availability of cheap labor force and affordability.

When it comes to location, Noida’s proximity to Delhi becomes the biggest attraction. No doubt, both Noida and Gurgaon are located on the Delhi border, but Noida is more easily accessible from Delhi compared to Gurgaon owing to the presence of the famous DND Flyway.

The construction of the flyway has drastically reduced the distance and travel time between Delhi and Noida. If you invest in a commercial property in Noida, you can remain assured of a much higher return or rental income. MNCs are frequently eyeing the real estate sector of Noida and they won’t leave a chance to own or rent a commercial property in Noida due to its highly advantageous location.

Talking about the infrastructure in Noida is simply a pleasure. Ever since the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and the Yamuna Expressway became operational, the real estate of Noida has received an immense boost. The Noida-Greater Noida Expressway (also referred to as the Noida Expressway) connects the twin cities (Noida and Greater Noida) and extends further to join the DND Flyway. Thereby, commuting between Delhi and Greater Noida becomes a pleasure-filled ride for all.

The Yamuna Expressway is a world-class architectural marvel that directly connects the IT hub to the famous tourist destinations of Agra and Mathura. Currently, both the stretches along the Noida Expressway and the Yamuna Expressway are witnessing fast-paced residential and commercial developments. Further, the Noida authority has already given momentum to the metro projects which, once over, will lead to huge capital appreciation for residential and commercial properties in Noida.

Unfortunately, Gurgaon has not witnessed any such remarkable infrastructural development over these years. When we compare both the cities, Noida seems flawless despite having a highly fluctuating market. Over the last few years, Noida has already proved that it is capable enough to thrive during severe market fluctuations and regain its zeal from time to time.

Now let’s move on to the next biggest requirement for any business which is the easy availability of cheap labor force. Here again, it’s only Noida that can enable you to fulfill this dream. No matter whether you are buying a commercial property in Noida for self-use or investment, in the absence of a cheap labor force, you simply cannot expect to expand your own business or attract a potential client.

Every year, a large number of people migrate to Noida in search of jobs and it’s no tough thing to find a working force at affordable prices.

Further, it is not only the availability of cheap labor force but also the easy availability of affordable properties that make Noida a much better option than Gurgaon. Gurgaon is too expensive to offer an affordable property and that too in the commercial segment. On the other hand, the extended regions of Noida, which are currently emerging to be the future real estate hotspots and its, currently, very easy to find a commercial property in Noida in the affordable segment.

Some of the best upcoming commercial properties in Noida include Wave Business Tower, Wave Metro Mart, J C World, Supertech Supernova Astralis, Unnati World, etc.

There are many more reasons that make Noida a better investment option than Gurgaon. If you are still apprehensive and want to gather some more information on investment in a commercial property in Noida, feel free to get in touch with us at Renaissance Realty Inc.

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Invest In Wave One: A Commercial Property At The Business District Of Noida

Commercial Property in Noida

Commercial Property in Noida

One of the top real estate developers in Noida, Wave Infratech, has launched a stupendous commercial property named Wave One in the heart of Noida.  The project offers luxurious office spaces along with other facilities like retail shops, convention halls, restaurants, cafeterias and multiplexes, everything situated under a single roof.

In simple words, the Wave One in Noida is a masterpiece owing to its beautiful, innovative and Vaastu-friendly designs and architecture. The project offers a complete eco-friendly environment with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities and various measures for energy conservation.

The office spaces at the 41-storey Wave One, Noida, are situated from the 13th to the top floor with sizes starting from 550 sq.ft. onwards. The G+3 floors offer modern retail spaces, 4th and 5th floor offer multiplexes and 6th to 12th floor are meant for multi-level car parking. With all these facilities on offer, Wave One is currently one of the most sought after commercial properties in Noida.

The office spaces at Wave One are categorised into three different types namely, Silver Spaces, Gold Spaces and Platinum Spaces based on the availability of various facilities, amenities and interior designs.

The best thing about Wave One is its location which is Sector 18 of Noida. The Sector 18 is also referred to as the business district of Noida and is, therefore, one of the most happening places in NCR. There are numerous commercial complexes, branded showrooms and offices in proximity. The Sector 18 metro station is located very close to the project.

Wave One is also located in close proximity to the Noida-Greater Noida and the Yamuna Expressway which ensure excellent connectivity to all parts of NCR. The project is easily accessible from the DND Flyover, Radisson Blue Hotel, Max Hospital and South Delhi, which makes it an ideal choice for people staying in Delhi. Apart from this, well-planned infrastructural developments along with assured capital appreciation of properties in the location together make Wave One in Noida an ideal investment option.

The various facilities and amenities at Wave One include 24*7 power supply, centrally air-conditioned office spaces, eco-friendly and noise-free environment, ample parking space, recreation facilities and many other options.

These days, owing to the mixed-use and the assured returns policy, the commercial properties in Noida have become a lucrative investment option. One can even invest in the commercial properties just to diversify the portfolio and earn great returns on investments.

Noida offers a wide variety of options for both commercial and residential properties; no doubt, the former brings much higher returns compared to the later. The renowned Wave Infratech Group has launched three huge commercial properties in Noida namely, the Wave Business Tower, the wave One and the Wave Metro Mart.

The Wave Business Tower and the Wave One primarily offer luxurious office spaces while the Wave Metro Mart offers modern retail spaces to offer an upmarket shopping experience to the people of Delhi and NCR.

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Why Invest In A Commercial Property In Noida?

Commercial Projects in Noida

Commercial Projects in Noida

These days, buying a commercial property in Noida is considered a great investment option though the journey for the sector wasn’t that easy and it took quite a long time to revive sentiments in the commercial/residential real estate sector of Noida.

Ever since the realtors have adopted the assured return schemes, the real estate sector of Noida has starting witnessing increased interest among the developers and investors both. For a long time, the sector has suffered a gloomy phase due to the global recession which badly affected the sentiments of both investors and end-users. However, things are changing now with builders getting a chance to cope up with the liquidity crisis as financial organizations have agreed to reduce the interest rates.

Along with the developments in its residential sector, Noida is also witnessing an increased drive for development in the commercial sector. Top builders like Wave Infratech Group, Lotus Greens and J C World Hospitality Private Limited, have recently launched some of the most attractive commercial properties in the heart of Noida.

Demands for retail and offices in Noida are constantly on the rise, quite obviously, one of the biggest demand drivers is again the ever expanding IT sector of Noida. The upcoming commercial properties in Noida offer retail/office spaces, branded showrooms, food courts, family restaurants, multiplexes, convention halls, condominiums, business halls and serviced studio apartments.

The mixed-use policy based on which most of the upcoming commercial properties are developed greatly increases the chances of a huge capital appreciation in the next 2 to 5 years.

The next best thing about buying a commercial property in Noida is the location. The upcoming projects like the Wave One, J C World, Wave Business Tower, Wave Metro Mart and the Lotus Square are located at some of most sought after locations in Noida like the Sector 18, 32, 128, etc. The sectors are located very close to the Noida and Yamuna Expressways which ensure excellent connectivity along with access to all major facilities.

The Wave Business Tower is very close to Sector 32 metro station while the Wave One is very close to the Sector 18 metro station – that makes the projects easily accessible for those travelling by metro. Apart from this, the Wave Metro Mart and the Wave Business Tower are both a part of the upcoming township called the Wave City Center in Noida.

Any residential or Commercial Property in Noida located within the Wave City Center is considered an ideal investment option as it is, undoubtedly, a blend of ideal location and extreme luxury.

Noida being so closely located to Delhi always offers a great option real estate investment. Being so close to the capital city yet away from its pollution makes the properties in Noida extremely suitable for all. Although the residential properties in Noida are more frequently considered for an investment, one can however diversify his/her portfolio by also investing in a commercial property in Noida and get a higher return.

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